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The World Bank Report show that ¾ 0f the world people live under $ 1 per day, do not have bank account. This is not because of poverty but, due to the costs, travel distance and paper work involved. In 2018, visit Cameroon found out problem of lack of coins and difficulty with banking and payment system. This is not just a problem of Central Africa Region (Cameroon), It is a problem of the majority of developing countries. Cash is still king in the majority of developing countries and PayAll aims to change that by putting the individual mobile ATM device in the hands of the population. Collaborations with local banks or opening a cooperative bank will be just as important for PayAll to flourish. Due to a lack of coins in countries like Cameroon, it will not take time for Pay-All to build the links with hundreds of customers to adopt to the service that will make transactions easy and fulfilling. Internet connectivity is still expensive in Africa and the majority of population can afford to have the connection every time. PayAll uses a decentralized IoT infrastructure network.
Bring the digital payment and banking services to the greater majority of the population and SMMEs who are left without any form of financial services in developing countries.
To offer to the greater majority of the population and SMMEs a revolutionary transaction device that improves their day to day money usage, while leading the way for socially conscious payment.
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Countless ambitions. One platform for financial technology. When we first started in 2018, our goal was simple: to provide digital financial transaction to the majority of the population. We began with the device design and App development for payments, applying an engineering-first approach to some of the most complex problems. We are collaborating with exceptional talent, putting success ahead of ego, and having fun along the way. We're looking for innovative problem solvers, strategic thinkers, and reliable colleagues to help us achieve our long- term goals.
Creating the financial technology of the future.